Sep 23, 2008

First sale outside of Cali!!! and issue two comin' round the mountain...

Well, despite the challenges of placing an item for sell on ebay, I bit the bullet and took the five-or-so minutes to do it; and gold was struck in the form of M. G. Kneisel of Oklahoma. Our first official sell outside of the South Bay area was to a man with the same last name as Perry (any relation is unknown(!!!)). It is this man, this M. G. Kneisel, who has made Aortic history and purchased our magazine, plus postage, from our ebay listing and will be the first man EVER to have a copy of Aorta VI issue 1 outside of California!
By the way I listed another one last night... So be the NEXT PERSON TO reMAKE HISTORY and get our magazine off ebay! (no pressure)

More interestingly, we have reached a water mark (made by our greasy bodies bathing each other under a hot lamp and with no fan) and are going to start work on issue two! If there are any comments and/or suggestions that you would like to make, or if you just like being ignored, please feel free to email them to us, or call, or something (pigeon?) and we will consider it!
Already we are thinking of doing more collaborative art pieces (not just comics), making the issue longer, and even having other medium included and/or available ("Aorta"-stamped Norwals anyone!?!?!?).

In conclusion, don't forget to clean the dryer lint from the trap!


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