Apr 20, 2009

Not just a Los Angeles Art Magazine but a damn good Los Angeles Art Magazine

As Benjamin Franklin once said on the solemn steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., "Chaufa Chaufa." But he wasn't just referring to fried eggs from El Pollo Inka, Redondo Beach's favorite, (and most overpriced) Inkan cuisine. He was also referring to the skulking depths of drapery that descend over you as you become a buried price tag attached to a maggot's brain lobe with a tweezer. I dittoe'd you on twitter, but your mittens are bitter.

Each day that we get together is another day -dare say. We swallowed our pride (which was floating in a glass jar.) In as our intestinal tubing was surrounded by cyst-al mayhem, I watched the water drop out of the fallopian bag and it looked good.

They can put the collars and leashes on us all they want, but as we crumble into red sorcerers, they will wonder how it wanted itself as intrinsic statutes.

These floor babies have declared their victories. These victories are incumbent upon despair.

Fornicatably yours,
Sam Graham

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