Jul 22, 2009

I Wonder If I'm the Only Person In the World Who Gets Scared When They Make a Wrong Move on Freecell...

It gets me everytime (thanks Mom: as if debilitating social phobias weren't enough I am also afraid of sharp noises... oh and when I see my shadow in the alley).

Yes, I blame my parents for eerrything (<---included).

But no, I don't blame my parents for anything; I am an adult (18+) and have to take responseblity (<---included) for my own actions.

Thusly, YES. And Yes!!! I am a "Prodigal Son", although I mean that allegorically, not literally (just like the Bible ;P ). But I do not appreciate that I AM!!! (God). (Blashpemy (<---included) (Pun) (thanks Mom)).

But is this what they wanted? No! I am nothing but a failure in comparison to Sam and PJ (Pee-Yay!) While they went ahead and got BETTER at drawing and coloring and staying inside the lines, I plumitted... from GOD-LIKE ABILITY to mere REMARKABLE TALENT.

But NO! I do not say "YES!"

I say "NO!"

Because for us all to get better, we must get back to what is important in life. Like that man said:
"so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white
Or some such nonsense, because:
"Kings and philosophers shit. Ladies too."

But that's beside(s) the point... which upon closing... never truely got sharpened...

JTMB ((Fucker))

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