Jan 14, 2010

Jared and Pj's Terrible Twos #17

So today we're back on schedule. Now...on to the critical discussion of this poignant comic. The man on the left, obviously suffering from some sort of dementia and poor dental care, declares, in a rather milksop way, "I'm lonely..." trailing off for hopes of being corrected by someone who will say "no you aren't! I'm your lover for life!" the man also has a large tooth shaped haircut, perhaps his own way of ridiculing his poor dental hygiene.

Frame two depicts an unexpected response. When toothless man spoke out to declare his state of loneliness he hoped for a reciprocation of sorts. An unrequited love perhaps to burst forth from the infinite beyond to tend to his emotionally tender wounds. But nay, he is instead accompanied by the brainless and even more unhygienic fellow who declares in even more feeble words "me too..." what a pathetic act of riding coattails.

This comic purely and plainly illustrates the dilemma that is caused by the commercialization and popularization of the "emo." People who are truly in pain and sorrow are ignored for those who are simply failing to accurately identify their emotions and simply jumping on a bandwagon of faux emotional honesty. It's fucking bullshit.


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