Sep 5, 2010

Weakly Update

So this is now a tradition...starting now...go!

With the close of the summerpocalypse we begin the fallmageddon and that means Pj's going to Cal State Long Beach, but the good news is it's an opportunity for him to leave stickers and juicy remnants all about the campus. Be on the look out this Tuesday for a mind numbing post relating to CSULB and if you found us recently, hello there!

Tyler, Jared and Pj birthed 3 new comics which are still yungins however, under the fine tutelage of our 3 "men in dark shades" they will surely grow to delight you with their painstakingly rendered nipples and whale-parts.

Jared and Tyler have also begun a collaborative effort involving various comics which will surely come about someday! Be on the look out for anyone named Worms, I hear he steals label makers...

On the Sam front he has a cool gust of a side project coming down the western hemisphere. It's called Anagraham and it's a baby chyl' he's nursed along with Heather Anacker (who hates our stuff) and it's a pretty snazzy snackaroo! Check out the facebook page @

Tyler has also posted a nice chiptune on our 8bitcollective page called flutophone!

So huddle up, hollow out a musk ox, be sure and urinate to facilitate the heat generation you'll need to calm your nerves and sit back, relax (in your now frozen urine musk ox of a den, what the hell were you thinking!?!) and have a Carl Sagan day!

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