Jan 17, 2011

Rusty Nails and Whipped Cream

Gratings journeymen and bag ladies,

Pj harr...

Aorta VI is a funny beast, it's a collaborative effort and it's one that tends to churn very slowly (tis a shame...)

But that does not mean we haven't been working! There's been a tad bit of "restructuring" and various other terms that shouldn't be associated with something fun, but it's a simple fact that things stop working sometimes.

But it's a new year, and that means we do have plans for you sick bastards (and bastardesses)

They include:

• Issue 3! (yes the delay has been heinous...)
• more Pj/Jim Tozzi mini-comics
• digital copies of our comicky goodness (courtesy of issuu.com)
• random musical offerings
• a miraculously secret endeavor that you will surely hear much about in due time (and has been the biggest timesuck)
• opportunities for YOUR ideas and comics!
• more sick shit
• more fun shit

and surely many more thangs

So please keep us in your prayers

We love you!

Here's a shot of the latest Pj/Jim Tozzi collab! Coming soon!

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