Dec 24, 2013

Shia's Plagiarism Pageant


A recent "article" emerged about Shia Labeouf's current accusations of copying. This "article" sums up all the controversy, however it is an appalling hodgepodge of slander and jealousy! Shia Labeouf is not a moron.

Take it from one of his devotees/collaborators: the man is the face of an Empire, no more or less famous and influential than Kim Jong Un. He is Neo-American-Royalty.

There are few whose inner brilliance has the power to reach and inspire others. Shia Labeouf's magnetism and exuberance are infectious, mostly in person. He is a cartoon character living in real life.

Although his sources may be preexisting in the pop culture, his vision is singular. Why is Quentin Tarantino hailed for stealing "from every single movie ever made", yet Shia Labeouf adapting a pop comic and lifting a pocketful of quotes an "egregious" sin? Why is the rest of his work overlooked? there are at least 200 pages of original content in those comics; and that's only what he's put out!
I know, I've read them.

And consider something for a moment: could Danny Clowes come up with such an artistic and expressive film as "Howard Cantour"? Only in his dreams! Let it be said here, Comics are a poor man's Film. 
I know, I'm in comics.

The only thing truely egregious is the writing of so many articles and expose's about an artist with a unique voice of expression.  Like myself, these writers are no more than dogs humping Shia's leg for a small kibble-piece of attention.
I know, I'm writing this.

Take it from me: To know know know him, is to love love love him.

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I guess "Christmas Wednesdays" are a go...