Aug 16, 2008

OUT! and you say....

ok peeople!
we have some 4000 sheets of paper ready to be bound for your viewing pleasure!
i (Pj) will personally fold any issues ordered soon!

but yeah, i got sweaty hands

anyway, we shall be posting a detailed PREVIEW soon as i can get someone else to do it! (ahah)

so we are asking for a measly $5 for a 40 page comic! that's like..a deal of epic proportions!

if you're adventurous you can order before the preview is posted and you may get an extra smoochie smooch! (and by that i mean something special!? a low number on the printings!???!)

we also have a release party in the in person preview plus meeting us!

i shall be back soon, but in the mean time, i'm here for all of ya! (personal time!)