Sep 16, 2009

we're still here!

tiddly winks and a box of minks!


Pj here again true believer (haha jk i'm not going to become Stan Lee)
just wants to reassure them masses of asses that we be alive and swell
or... just alive anyway

i'm quite the tiskertask, and i like my chocolate smooth
with bits of icey creamy.

alas...this burns like a thousand suns, and i must say it's not my crotchety!

no...dear sworn enemies, it's my chest
and it's beginning to swell and pulse.

so let's us all kid ourselves for measly minutes
and measurably tackle our juices into your cups.

tit for tat as they say, tits on that is what JTMB may squeak
and in this there is that or so kits the kat or is that a bat?

yum yum fun muy says the Sam Jam Graham in this poor old hat i speak

and oaf oof off i tumble out through the sound of screeching rubber soles.

dicks to you all!
and to all a good nigh'

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