Nov 14, 2009

So Now You Know...

hello friends (and enemies)
this Pj here.

I have come from afar to tell you of good things!
You see, a few days (weeks, months, years?) ago you're pals Jared and I sauntered on down to the
Comic Bug and participated in this thing called 24 Hour Comic Day.

It was a night of grand reveries to be sure, but in the process of carousing, yours truly met a kindred spirit named
Tyler Stafford.
Now, if you out there happen to be "hip" to the "scene" you may be familiar with his zine called
Folk and we (I) thought HEY MAN LET'S COLLAB!

And so we did, and have been ever since (with varying degrees of punctuality!)

so without further adieu (my SHITIE WERDS) here is the first glimpse of the madness of...dun dun dun FOUR PERSON COLLABORATIVE COMICS!!!!!

an interesting side note (for you interested folk) this comic was made BACKWARDS (just tonight!) but the frame order from the top is: Jared, Tyler, Pj, Sam (aka JTPS!) wash rinse repeat.

all is going according to plan...i mean well...and we shall bring you OOODLES OF GOOODLES!

also: this is the weekly comic for this weak week!

don't get swine flu!

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