Jan 25, 2010


Hey ya'all!

This is Sam Graham of Aorta VI, just making a lil' post-y out of guiltiness for not writing as much -and for noticing how much Pj has been doing -so- on this website (and facebook!...and twitter! ...Thanks Pj!)

So, "hey!"

Just to let you know, if you have been enjoying these "Terrible Twos" by Pj and Jared:

Pj, Tyler (adjunct member of Aorta: aka "Ty Ty"), and I have been working on some --- "Terrible Three's" -tentatively titled "Triple Threat," or humorously: "Triple Three's" -and we hope to release these soon.

We hope that you will see the visual and stylistic qualities that result from different combinations of us

as we meld our oh-so-unique personalities into collaborative comic architecture.

En(joy) and keep (give) an eye (conscious[ness {what is this suffix "ness"?}]) out (in) for the coming (oh!) maelstrom (reminds me of Charybdis) of ecstatic jubilance that will arise from the inner reaches of our ape (man).


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