Feb 5, 2014

Now You Can Subscribe!

So if you frequent this blog (which in all likelihood you do not) you may have noticed a new feature in the upper right hand side called "Weekly Drippings" along with a field for your email address...

"WHUT ES THAT FAAACKIN' SHIT!!?!1!?" you may find yourself asking, well I (Pj) will divulge...

it is in fact (truefact) a way to follow this blog without actually...you know...following it! (like a real fan!)

instead we send out a weakly (sic) blast on Saturday with the entire week's updates wrapped up nice and neat and excreted directly into your inbox (not, as commonly believed, into your outmouth!)

so give us slimy cretins your emailys and we will give you our goodies...


oh and for your troubles, check out this video!

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