Jul 29, 2008

dfhgn vadugh (cynical)

lkduhf gl i am now blogger!

This 'ZINE is the best zing you'll ever zee! but NO' until it is bees being DONE! (David Lynch)


Well we are working on the first issue still, but it is coming together nicely. The first and latest official meeting (last night) was both eventful and tedious. Many issues were discussed and each participant chewed vigorously on the gristle of every meaty topic and spat large hunks of proposals onto the figurative "table" of discussion. Needless to say, nothing got done.

However, a golden scepter was established, and the mutual feeling of accomplishment was well groomed by the end of the first and latest official meeting, and another is scheduled for Thursday evening. This time, au contraire, some actual Aorta VI issue 1 completion work is evident!

The end is Nigh! (t)

Cynically yours,

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