Jul 24, 2008

We Are Whole

sometimes it just seeps forth
Sam is about to be with us again, in full force this time, after a seeming eternity of distance (that is, him being on a cross country jaunt of sorts to areas far and wide) the master of mysteries, the dealer of doohickeys, the crafter of creatures is back among the living (or at least the breathing.)

in other words, i am proud to announce that Sam is back from his trip to New York and Michigan. Our, or at least my, brother in arms (and legs and feet and hands) has been away for some time! whilst Lanterns Of Sorrow had been put on hold, a breeding ground was set for Jared and i to begin our collaboration of comics (tentatively referred to as Breeder Monkey Astronaut.)
We will soon coalesce, and all will be forgiven.


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