Aug 2, 2008

Aboot da t'ursday meeting

Weell, Thursday has passed, and the scheduled (Shed-you-'L'-ed) meeting has since been adjourned. There was much picture-making and much jokery followed by much laughter... except when I made a joke, then followed silence, melancholy, and repressed rage. (I need to learn to shut my mouth again... thanks Dad.)


The First Issue was a huge topic as the evening began to wind down. New content was added to the originally proposed content (since Sam is now here), and a fresh (Prince of Bel-Aire) order (1,2,3...) was conceived, Perry then became our collective surrogate as we funneled our semens and sperms into his eager beaver (meaning his pussy), except none of that happened.

I like Kurt Vonnegut... sometimes.

So the first issue is creeping toward actual printing, and the neked realization that we might actually complete something is getting nekeder and nekeder. I for one am marginally and decidedly excited... but that wont get in our way I assure you!

The main discussion was about how many to print, so if there are any people who know that they would like to have (meaning buy) one (plus) copy of the First Issue let us know and we will print one (plus) for you specifically!

We are a people's comic,

and that "people's" is the Us in Weeeeeee!
(Helter Skelter)



Pj said...

good shit yo!

Sam Graham said...

I love