Sep 13, 2008

We went to the Demasiado show and the Comicbug signing, but we still want more people to "upgrade" from marginal interest to writhing sex fiend. We WANT YOU to use our Magazine for sexual pleasure! It will titilate you everytime your TIT IS LATE! It will blow you everytime it is BELOW YOU! (Burt Reynolds) And when Aunt Flow comes to visit, just slap her in the FANNY(!) with AORTA VI ISSUE I!!! (And by fanny I mean her vagina!) Furthermore, guys are to use AORTA VI ISSUE I as a PENIS DILDO! (Like in that gross "two kids in a sandbox" video! (don't GOOGLE IT!))

If these demands are not met and marginal interest (or "lookiloos") persists, we will be forced to do absolutely nothing accept perhaps SOMETHING!!!!!!! (mysterious)

Oh and I posted some pictures on our MYSPACE! (


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