Apr 10, 2009

life is too fucking short

so Jared started this little thing with the top 4 frames, then Sam did himself and I (Pj) did my bottom 4 frames and then Sam finished his other 3. it was kind of a simple thing where we each drew all 3 of us, but i personally liked how it came out...very telling of our interactions and an interesting way to mix up the whole "switching off" dynamic.

on the actual news front us Aorta VI folk have been a little discouraged by the lack of enthusiasm for our works, but we are doing much in the way of innovation and evolution. the above is a little taste of that as are the videos on the right side of this post. we've also dabbled in a little music which can be found on our myspace.

ultimately our output is gauged by our past successes, and thus far there has only been marginal success, and discouragement has begun to set in.

so if you are out there and still believe in Aorta VI please start leaving comments and becoming a little more involved and i will make that same pledge. 

because without many we are small, but with an Aorta VI base, we can spread far and wide in the name of depravity, intelligence, art and weirdness everywhere.

life is just too fucking short

btw: i'm on twitter now as a representative of me and my part in Aorta VI so feel free to follow me @ hobbesdream


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Sam said...

Yeaaaaaa! We gonna do it!!!1(ONE)