Jul 25, 2009

Corey Helford Gallery trip featuring: Jared and Pj!

so Jared and I (Pj) are going to the Corey Helford Gallery this evening for the above mentioned show. i, for one, am excited because the art looks pretty damn nice.

Dave Burke's work kinda reminds me of Looney Tunes gone wrong and Mia's reminds me of the work of, Castlevania concept artist, Ayami Kojima (a personal favorite artist of mine.)

and so, our journey shall begin at around 6:30ish when i pick up Jared and we quest into the depths of Culver City and decend upon this show like the artistic vultures that we are.

if you happen to be headed there say hello and we may just say hello back.
here's a photo of myself for your own personal reference...haha!

(thanks to Quam Odunsi of ReserveResult.com for the photo!)
until next time, this has been Pj reporting, stay classy San Diego.

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