Jul 23, 2009

In response to "The Germination"

I have no direct response to "The Germination".

Perry is a friend of mine and sam too :)
I work(ed) with them and worked(ed)(ing) with them later too! :) ;) :p
But YEs! (S!) We are working on newings in art, but them is no is being comics, though! ;p

Momentarily we have shifted gears to attempt "fine art" (laugh). Were it not for an immediate purpose for our shift, comics would still be our focus. However, said purpose has been presented with such immediance that we have indeed shifted as needed. Furthermore, we still have comics to finish and will down-shift (car) once our immediate purpose has been filled. In conclusion, once the immediacey of our immediate purpose has been shifted from immediate, we will shift from the immediate purpose to the comics.

With "love" (but not for you),


edit: thanks for making me tag this! -Pj-

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