May 13, 2013

meandering...but still moving

hello internet,

we Aorta VI fellows are still brewing the big brew of miraculousness that is Hotah (still a working title) and it's still coming but you'll have to be content groping yourself to the already released teases till further notice. keep in mind though, you will be the first (well actually our facebook followers will be the first) to know when it's ready to squeeze between your hideously purple, waiting thighs!

in the meantime i'll throw some stuff your way to keep your eager tongues satiated:

first order of business, we (well, JTMB actually) have been posting multiple things on our Issuu site (including the infamous Issue III and Issue IV: Quivering Martian Look-a-like.) here's where the cheese lies...have fun reading for free! (and not really supporting literally starving artists...we're so hungry...)

next up...well actually...that was the main event...we do have some stickers and stuff on RedBubble though!

and that was all!

signing off, Pj (me) will entertain you with some odd characters he (I) draw'd...imagine them all waving goodbye and missing you terribly!

Sloppy Slice

English Food

this loveliness is brought to you by Pj and Jim Tozzi



Lookit Me!

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