Aug 3, 2008

We will finish soon

We are getting together to make it. And it will be so great. I guarantee.
So. I hope you like it.


We worked on the covers today. I am going to ad a poem and mebbe a drawing...?

We might sell some in Venice...? We are socited.

PJ said he should just call me "Arnold" because I sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger...

We want to have a "zene-release" party for our first issue with -root beer- and stuff. should come...if we have it...and buy a zene from us,

We plan to have rare signed "pristine" editions available too with our original art in it and other shit. Great for collectors!

Yep yep. You can contact us if you want to experience the goodness in a way you never thought possible.

As the great John Mayer once noted,
"Your body is a wonderland."


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