Jan 1, 2009

Happy 2009! We Heart you.

Heyy Peeps!

This is Sam and JP (Pj or "Peej) We wishing you happy new year for two thousand nine!

We're THIS much closer to two thousand twelve...OHHHHHHHHHH

Jared couldn't be here today because he's business making it with his main squeeze...you know what I'm sayin...

Charles Manson says, "google" He discovered it before all of us.

We love you and as the Lanterns (us) say we "eat our own privates"

.....and don't be one of them.

Sin Seer Lee,

Sam (Samj) and Pj (Pam..j/k sentimental....... )


we started a new band (us aorta folks) it's cool you know.

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